creatures of HABIT

HABIT is new type of skin health brand, launching summer 2020. creatures of HABIT is our product tester + brand ambassador community.

what do creatures of habit do?

develop product with us

CREATURES OF HABIT get complimentary product + are the first to test HABIT’s latest skin innovations.

show + tell

create content to show off your smart habits + healthy skin. you’ll be given a custom referral code to share with friends.

create with us

collaborate with HABIT on content + photoshoots + more

join us

CREATURES OF HABIT are a hand-picked group of content creators + tastemakers who are sharing their unfiltered, honest health + skin experiences.

you’ll try top-secret new product first + your feedback will shape the future of skin health care.

at this time, we can only accept creatures based in the United States but sign up for our email list below to be notified about updates to our creatures program.