frequently asked questions


when will my order ship?

orders ship in 1-2 business days. you will receive a text or email with a tracking number when your order is on the way.

do you ship internationally?

at this time, we do not ship internationally but sign up for our email list to receive announcements on where we're headed next.

how does subscription work?

there is a right amount of SPF to use for skin anti-aging benefits. a habit subscription is designed to keep you using the right amount, every day.

you can adjust your settings or cancel your subscription any time by logging into your account.


is HABIT clean?

clean is complicated -- there's no standard definition of clean. we continually evaluate the industry landscape, research, consult with our chemists and regulatory bodies (in the US, that's the FDA). we currently develop our products in line with Sephora's Clean at Sephora standard. you can learn more about Clean at Sephora here.

is HABIT vegan + cruelty-free?

yes, HABIT is vegan + cruelty free. the only animals we test on are humans as part of the FDA’s requirements for testing over-the-counter sunscreen products.

where can I find more information about the ingredients in HABIT products?

each products' ingredients are listed under the 'ingredients' tab on the product page.


what is your return policy?

see our full return policy here.


text: 202.918.5509